The Study of Ruth Continues – Chapter 2

I would like to first begin by saying I am sorry. The month of December was crazy – as I’m sure it was in your life as well. I did not blog as I should have. I am disappointed, however, I am not going to sulk long. I’m going to be committed now and start back.
My goal is to do at least 3 a week. I had begun the study of Ruth in November which I was enjoying very much. I have decided to continue this study now. I have done away with the Mapping Monday, Worship Wednesday & Food for Friday at this time. Thank you for staying with me and I pray you will receive a blessing from my blog. I would also like to ask you to share with friends and family or on social media. I really would like to get my blog out for others to read.

We have studied chapter 1. Below are the two posts for Chapter 1.

Ruth Post 1

Ruth Post 2

Now to Chapter 2. Ruth 2:1-4 (NIV)

At the end of Chapter 1, Naomi & Ruth arrive in Bethlehem as the harvest of barley is beginning. Naomi had a relative from her husband side who lived there. His name was Boaz and he was of good standing.

Now let me give a few details about Boaz before we go any further. He was from the clan of Elimelech. He was a wealthy farmer but he was a man of his word as well (we will see this as we continue the study). Boaz was sensitive to those in need, because he allowed the poor to glean in his fields. Gleaning in a field was where the poor would pick up any grain that was dropped on the ground and use for food. In those days this was law and helped to feed the poor and prevent owners from hoarding. We will see in future chapters he was very successful.

In the scriptures it states Ruth asked Naomi to let her go into the field and pick leftover grain. Naomi told her to go out my daughter. Now both of these ladies were truly respectful of each other. Ruth did not expect Naomi to be capable of going out into the fields. Ruth offered to go out to help them find food. Ruth did not sit around and wait for the older more mature Lady Naomi to figure out what to do – she took it upon herself to do.

Are you respectful to your elders?

Do you help older people when you see a need?

Now Naomi to her, “Go ahead, my daughter.” Remember Ruth is not her daughter but a daughter-in-law. Naomi considered Ruth as her own flesh and blood and respected her as if she was. Ruth was not of Naomi’s bloodline or heritage, but she respected and loved her.

Do you love your in-laws as Naomi loved Ruth?

Do you love others who are not of your family, race, sex, etc?

Ruth went out into the fields BUT she had no idea she was in the field of Boaz. God was in control again. He knew the plans – He wanted her in this field. If it is God’s plan, He will send you where He wants you.

Boaz enters the story. He had been in town at Bethlehem, probably taking care of business or meeting with others. Instead of walking past the harvesters, the servants and the poor and ignoring them or speaking harshly to them, Boaz speaks with kind words. Not just kind words – words of Prayer.

Vs. 4a “The Lord be with you!”

From this statement, we see many things about his character. We see his kindness to the people. I can just picture him waving, smiling and speaking these kind words. We see he cared for these people. Why did he speak if he did not? He was the business man, he had plenty to do. He didn’t have time for them – BUT HE DID. Boaz was also a man who believed in the Lord. We know this by his statement. He was not ashamed of the Lord. He wanted everyone to know even the people in the fields working, the poor and the less fortunate.

Wow, what a boss, what a person!

Do you speak to people who may be under you at work, school, or the world in an uplifting manner or in an arrogant manner?

But, here is another amazing thing. The people in the fields called back to him.

Vs. 4b “The Lord bless you!”

We did not hear the employee’s talk harshly. They did not yell or talk under their breath. They blessed him back. These people must have loved this man. These people must have respected this man.

Do you speak to people with authority with this respect and love?

As I close this study of these 4 amazing verses, let’s look the character traits of these three people.

  • Humble
  • Respect
  • Love
  • Courteous
  • Virtuous
  • Hard-working
  • Embrace
  • Acknowledge
  • God Believing
  • Trust
  • Faith

Naomi, Ruth and Boaz are no doubt God believing and God-fearing people. They each showed respect to one another, to people of higher standard as well as people of lower standard. They loved others and showed others their love.

Are you striving to have these character traits?

Can others give any of these character traits when asked about you?

Does God see these traits in your actions and words?

We all can be committed to being more like these 3 people in our daily walk. We can all be committed to helping others, loving others, and praying for others. Will you be committed today to working on having these traits?


Please leave comments to your thoughts on this study and on the characters.

Committed – Climbing the Mountain

Matthew 5:1-2 (MSG).  When Jesus saw his ministry drawing huge crowds, he climbed a hillside. Those who were apprenticed to him, the committed, climbed with him. Arriving at a quiet place, he sat down and taught his climbing companions. This is what he said:

Matthew 5:1-2 (NIV).  Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him,






Have you ever climbed a mountain?  Have you ever ran up a hill?  When you are at the bottom of the mountain or hill, you have 2 decisions to make.  Will I climb this mountain or not?  Once your decision is made to begin your journey up the mountain or hill, you must continue if you are to reach the top.  Oh yes, you can stop and go back down the mountain BUT you will never know what the view was like on top of the mountain or hill.

Living a life committed to The Lord is like climbing  mountain.  You can not see what is on the other side of the mountain until you take the trip up the mountain.

Climbing a mountain is not easy.

If the mountain has snow, it will be cold and slippery going up the mountain.  It will be slow going but if you keep your footing and stay warm you can make it.

Sometimes the mountain may have big rocks you have to climb up and over.  It is tough and you must be very careful but if you keep your eyes on the top you can make it.

Sometimes the mountain has a path.  You can walk or run up the mountain at our speed without a lot of obstacles in your way.

Committing your life to The Lord is just like these scenarios.  In the Bible, He told us it would not be easy – there would be obstacles and people in our way.

But before we can succeed we must first commit to HIM.

In Matthew 5, it states the disciples committed and then climbed the mountain.  They did not start the journey and then commit.  They followed Jesus up the mountainside and listened to what He had to say.  They made a commitment that would forever change their lives.

We need to commit  to Him and then begin the journey with God.  We all know it will not be easy but we all know He will be with us every step of the way.  When we reach the top of the mountain, He will be with us if we committed ourselves to Him and He lives in our heart.  The view will be so much more beautiful from the top of the mountain with Him than at the bottom where we can not see the other side.

Dear Father, I pray if there is someone reading this who is trying to climb the mountain without you, they will stop and commit their lives to you. The journey may still be tough, but we will have someone to turn to and help us when we are in need.  Thank you Lord for all your blessings and for loving us so much.  In your precious name, AMEN!!


As I type these words it is still 2014.  I’m at home with my teenage son while my husband works on New Year’s Eve.  On my TV, Courageous is playing.  I’m taking these few hours to reflect on the past year and to pray about the upcoming year.

I took some time to write out some goals for 2015.  I’m not doing New Year’s Resolutions this year.  I’m really not doing goals.  I’m writing areas of my life I would like improvement – which I know is like resolutions.

Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions and by February or March (or sometimes January 2nd) they are blown.  I want something different this year.  I’ve decided to have One Word. I want this word to be my story for 2015.  Next year on December 31st when I am reflecting on 2015, I want to be able to know what my one word was for the year.

I wrote down several words to begin with (below are a few).

  • Positive
  • Optimistic
  • Confident
  • Courageous
  • Faithful
  • Fruitful
  • Rewarding
  • Happy
  • Persistent
  • Determined
  • Resourceful
  • Resilient

After reviewing these words and praying on these words, I decided on my one word.  When I think about this word, it can go for a lot of areas of my life.  It also is a strong word with a lot of meaning.  I pray I can be what the word means.


Committed means on, to bind or obligate, to entrust, to pledge to a position.  I pledge to commit myself to My Lord, My Family, and Everyone else in that order in 2015.  I believe this one word will help me accomplish many of my goals for 2015.

The Bible clearly states we are to deny ourselves and take up the cross – Commit ourselves to Him.

Matthew 16:24New International Version (NIV)  Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me

Will you decide now as you are reading this to Commit yourself to God and your family?  Will you deny yourself an commit your heart to the One and Only?

Please let me now if you are Committed to this Goal for 2015!