iBloom….There is Still Time

Even though August is over and the free download is not relevant, you can still take advantage of other promotions with iBloom.

Are you feeling FRAZZLED? Maybe you:

  • Love what you are doing but it is just TOO MANY & TOO MUCH: you have noteFB-Affiliate-2017-planners EVERYWHERE and feel discombobulated by the paper, post-its, & alarms on your phone
  • Are stressed to the max but aren’t sure how to change anything anytime soon…too many people are counting on you
  • Just wish you could hit a re-set button and start fresh! Life just isn’t turning out how you planned & you can’t remember the last time you did something just for you
  • Have tried planner after planner, but you can’t find one that actually works for you

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The iBloom Planner not only helps you remember where you need to be and when, but also WHO you want to become and WHY. It’s a planner that is functional, beautiful, and inspirational.

This isn’t your typical calendar or appointment book. Of course it still has all of those features, plus SO much more. The iBloom Life & Business Planner acts as your personal coach – asking you the right questions to help you prioritize, set goals, and make a realistic plan for achieving them. We don’t want you to just make it through another year, but instead, get that much closer to becoming who you really want to be and living a life you truly LOVE.

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iBloom-Planner-Accessory-Kit-1Our iBloom Planner Accessory Kit is designed to accompany the iBloom Planner. It’s filled with office supplies to keep you inspired and organized.

The Accessory Kit includes:

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She Speaks 2016 …… Seven Shots………


2 Thessalonians 3 3 faith strength protectOver a month has passed since I was at #SheSpeaks2016.  I can honestly say it was reviving and refreshing.  #SheSpeaks2016 was something my heart and soul needed more than I knew or thought at the time.

Since the conference, I have been through so much. I can honestly say as I type these words if I had not gone to #SheSpeaks2016, I would not be in the good, pleasant, happy and protected place I am in now.

It all started on Friday night before I was to came home on Monday from #SheSpeaks2016. I had been gone from home since Wednesday. This was the first time in my 20 years of marriage, I had left my family for more than a couple of days. I had NEVER attended any conference of this magnitude. (I look back now – #SheSpeaks2016 – why would I even go – but that is the next story.  Back to this story.)

I called home to find out that our lawn mower had totally died.  This was the first shot the devil made at me – #FirstShot.

My husband mentioned his truck was not running well, and didn’t think he would be going running dogs on Saturday.  When I spoke with him on Saturday night (which is after the conference had concluded) his truck had died for the most part and he was carrying it to be worked on.  The devils second shot – #SecondShot.

On Monday, I arrived back home from the conference.

My family told me more details about the First and Second Shots – great.  The same week I got home, my son’s truck decidee to breakdown.  Third shot from the devil – #ThirdShot.

My husbands truck ended up having to have a new motor, $3000, and my son’s truck messed up twice.  After having the truck fixed the first time, something else happened to it.  Don’t lose count, this is fourth shot from the devil – #FourthShot.  In the end, my son’s truck ending up costing over $1000.

No the devil is not done shooting at me. Hold on it gets better. See the devil had messed with my husband and child but he had not attacked me personally in his mind so I guess it was my turn.

Every year in July or August, I go for my medical and vision physicals.  This year was nothing different.  On August 1, I went for my physical, which included a mammogram first then I met with my doctor.  We discussed my health issues, my RA, how I had been doing, issues I may be having – you know all the good stuff. Yeah right!  She that I had a Pap Smear the year before, it would be okay for me not to have one this year. Good thing, right?

While she was getting ready to do the physical exam, she received a phone call and stepped out of the room.  She was on call for another doctor and had to leave to perform a C-Section.  She informed me she was sorry and thought this was scheduled for lunch but evidently it was time now – 10:45 am.  I was fine with it because what if I was the one waiting to see my beautiful baby.

We decided for me to reschedule so she could finish.  I did have my blood work done since I had fasted all morning.  I had to make not having my coffee worth it.  Really, no coffee.

I proceeded with blood work and made an appointment for Thursday since I would already be in town having my eyes  checked.

Okay I know you may be getting tired, but hold on, it gets good in just a few.

I went Thursday to complete my exam.  When she came in we finished discussing where we were when she left. Now remember, she had decided previously not to do a Pap Smear, but today – Thursday – she decided differently.

During the visit, I asked about my blood work – not sure that was a good idea.  She said she had the results and lets just say here is the devils fifth shot, #FifthShot.  My cholesterol was higher than it had ever been, almost 300 and my TSH levels (my thyroid) were extremely high.  The good thing about the TSH is it explained some issues I had been having.  You may call this two shots but since it was only one shot to get the blood it’s one shot for this story.

The TSH was an easy fix.  We changed my prescription for the medicine I was currently on.  The cholesterol, well that’s another story.  Heart issues run in my father’s family, on of his brothers and sister both died before 40 with massive heart attacks.  I don’t play around with this. So diet, exercise, vitamins it was.

Now, I leave this appointment and headed to the eye doctor.  Here is where the sixth shot from the devil is made, #SixthShot.  After many tests at eye doctor, he refers me to a specialist and after visiting the specialist a few days later, I am scheduled for cataract surgery at 43 years old.  Yes, this is the #SixthShot.

And as you may have heard before, that was not the end of the story or the shots.

Here came the seventh and final shot from the devil for this story, #SeventhShot.  This one is a doozie for me.  (Oh I forgot, the mammogram was fine.  Thank God for that one.)

A week later my phone rung and it was my doctor who performed my physical.  I had figured there couldn’t be much more. NOT!

She told me that my pap smear came back abnormal and I needed to have more tests and a possible biopsy.  I was referred to another physician and a day later I had more tests and a biopsy.  I told you the #SeventhShot was a good one.

Now I’m know we all have had bad days, bad weeks, bad months, bad years.  I know we all have had problems some better and some worse than these.  But this is my story.

Seven shots in less than a month.

Seven shots from the devil after such a reviving experience.

Seven shots that could have torn everything out of my heart that God placed in my heart during #SheSpeaks2016.

As of today and as of this minute, I can honestly say without at shadow of a doubt that it was because of the experience and the presence of God at #SheSpeaks2016 that made these #SEVENSHOTS hit a bullet proof vest.

Now I’m not going to lie and say there was NO WORRY!!  The first 6 shots were no worries.  Things happen.  God will provide.

The last shot, the #SeventhShot, was a little harder for me.  Yes I worried, but it was a different worry.  I can’t explain it, except this way.

God had moved in me during #SheSpeaks2016 in a way like never before.

God was in control.

God loved me.

Do you know this kind of love?  Do you know this kind of feeling? Do you know that kind of movement?

If you don’t, God can give it to you.  It is for all of us. Just ask Him into your heart.  He is waiting.  He is near.  He is ready to be your protection!

And that is the end of this story for now!

god is our bulletproof vest from the devil!

God is ourbulletproof vestfrom the devil!





I’m The Captain!

This post is part of Lysa TerKeurst’s Uninvited Book Blog Tour which I am delighted to be a part of along with many other inspiring bloggers. To learn more and join us, click here.

Rejection uninvited

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was in 8th grade and was at cheerleading camp.  The people in charge of camp made an announcement that all captains would meet after this session.  On the inside I was smiling, but on the outside I was not.  It was time to go to the meeting.  I knew who was going but two of the other “veteran cheerleaders”did not.  They asked me, “I wonder who is the captain.”  I said as humbly as possible, “I’m the Captain.  Ms. Smith told me before we left for camp and I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone.” In unison the veterans said, “What?  That’s wrong.  You can’t be the captain!”  They ran off to find Ms. Smith and I was left standing there #Uninvited even though I had been invited.

That moment in time is embedded in my brain.  From that day forth, I always knew I wasn’t capable of being captain or leader of anything.  If I was, why would my “friends” said I couldn’t be captain.

I was the captain on paper and at that camp, but in those veterans minds it was just for a few short days.  This would not be forever or at least our eight grade year.  I tried not to be overpowering.  I talked with Ms. Smith and she told me to just enjoy these days and do what I was supposed to do – everything would be straightened out after we got back from camp.

Well in my mind, that meant, she would explain to everyone why she chose me and I would remain the captain the rest of the eighth grade year.  But evidently the  “veteran cheerleaders” thought there should be a vote from the cheerleaders not the lady in charge and when we returned back to practice after camp we had a vote.

I thought, this will all be straightened out now during the vote and I would win. But evidently because I kept a secret from my friends I was considered a traitor, so the “veteran cheerleaders” turned everyone against me.

I was told to keep it a secret by my leader, but my friends didn’t think I should.

My parents raised me to be respective of adults and to listen, but my friends didn’t think I should.

So I did what I thought was right, but my friends would hold against me.

As I assume you have figured out by now, I was not voted as captain.  My heart was broken.

 What had I done wrong?

They were right, I can’t be captain. I’m not good enough.

What was that leader thinking to choose me?

I accepted defeat! I smiled and congratulated the new captains.  I was at every practice and every game.  I supported everyone and was happy – at least on the outside.  But on the inside I was being defeated and it would be a defeat that would stay with me for many many many years!!!

In an upcoming post, I will explain further, how this defeat in eighth grade of being #Uninvited has stayed in my heart for may years.  I will share how this rejection stole the best from me by reinforcing in me the worst of who I am.

Even when you’re overlooked by others, you are handpicked by God. In her new book, Uninvited, New York Times bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst will help you live like you really believe that truth! You can get your copy by going to www.uninvitedbook.com.